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Streamlining your payments in Dubsado with Dubsado Payments powered by Stripe

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Shared by Becca • April 16, 2024

🎉 Note: If you are an existing Stripe user, Dubsado Payments powered by Stripe is slowly rolling out you. Keep an eye on your email for updates and more info below.

At Dubsado, we believe that a seamless payment process is the cornerstone of your thriving business. We've made it our mission to develop and continuously improve Dubsado Payments, so you can streamline your transactions, boost conversions, and ultimately achieve your business goals with ease. By choosing Dubsado Payments, you're not just gaining a tool; you're partnering with a company that is invested in your success every step of the way.

Dubsado Payments is thrilled to support merchants in 37 countries and process payments from your clients all over the world, featuring the same competitive fees that Stripe offers! Dubsado Payments powered by Stripe offers a new suite of tools that will enhance your businesses payment experience. We all know, a smooth payment experience means happy clients.

Get connected today by logging into Dubsado and accessing the "Payments and invoices" section in settings.

Are you already a Stripe user? Don’t connect to Dubsado Payments just yet! Since you’re already a valued Stripe user, we are working with Stripe to bring your account over to Dubsado Payments. If you have questions around this, please reply back to this email.

Let’s dive in to all the excitement that Dubsado Payments brings to you and your client experience.

Enjoy processing rates you're used to

Dubsado Payments powered by Stripe, offers the same competitive processing rates as Stripe while delivering a more seamless and user-friendly payment experience. (View processing rates here) By integrating Stripe's trusted technology with Dubsado's intuitive platform, we've created a solution that prioritizes value, convenience, and security. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your transactions are handled by a reliable partner, while benefiting from Dubsado's powerful tools and dedicated support. Our goal is to provide you with a payment processing solution that simplifies your workload and enhances your clients' experience.

Processes more with Dubsado Payment's higher ACH volume

ACH payments, also known as bank transfers or direct bank payments, are a convenient and secure way to move funds electronically between US bank accounts. With our close partnership with Stripe, we were able to negotiate a higher initial ACH limit than what Stripe normally offers. With Dubsado Payments, you get a $20,000 weekly rolling 7 day processing volume. This is only available in the US at this time. No more needing to worry about hitting those old ACH limits when you choose Dubsado Payments.

Unlock a new payment experience in Dubsado, ACH autopay

Big news! With Dubsado Payments, ACH/US bank transfers are now available with autopay, making it easy for your clients and low on fees for you. Previously, in Dubsado you could only have autopay with just the option for credit cards, but exclusively with Dubsado Payments, US users can unlock the ability to have clients pay via their US bank account. (Psst. ACH fees are .8% with a max fee of $5). Additionally, our new payment screen includes a smoother experience for clients paying with a US bank account. More info on autopay here.

Conveniently process refunds directly in Dubsado

Dubsado Payments is designed to streamline your payment processing and management, saving you valuable time. One of the key benefits of using Dubsado Payments is the ability to process refunds directly from your Dubsado invoice, eliminating the need to navigate to an external platform. This seamless integration allows you to handle refunds efficiently, all within the familiar Dubsado interface. By simplifying the refund process, Dubsado Payments helps you save time and maintain a smooth workflow.

Get your money when you need it, enjoy a low instant payout rate

Quick access to funds is critical for businesses today. We’re proud to offer Stripe Instant Payouts to help you get paid fast. Stripe Instant Payouts, with Dubsado Payments, is just 1% in eligible countries (except Australia which is 1.5%). Visit this page for the conditions and eligibility requirements on instant payouts.

We've made it even easier for your clients to pay

Your clients get to experience effortless invoice payments like never before with our new client payment process. We've streamlined the entire payment workflow, allowing your clients to complete transactions in just a few clicks. Your clients can say goodbye to navigating through multiple fields and say hello to a seamless, user-friendly interface that saves time and reduces frustration. By providing a smoother payment experience, you'll build stronger relationships with your clients and create a positive impression that lasts. Check it out!

Get elevated payment support

Our deepened partnership with Stripe gives Dubsado Payments users access to an elevated level of support.

We understand that reaching out for help often means you've encountered a challenge, and that's why we've ensured a dedicated team is ready to assist you promptly and efficiently. To make sure you receive the best possible assistance, we recommend starting by contacting our Dubsado support team first. Our dedicated customer care team will work closely with you to resolve any issues and, if needed, can seamlessly escalate your case to our dedicated Stripe support channel. This approach ensures that your concerns are addressed through the most efficient and effective path. With this enhanced support structure, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're not alone when navigating payment-related concerns.

ACH payments show pending until processed

Keep your business running smoothly with ACH payments through Dubsado! While these bank-to-bank transactions may take a bit longer to process, the lower fees make it all worthwhile. Don't worry about interruptions – even when a payment is pending, your workflows, payment plans, and other automations will continue without a hitch. If an ACH payment fails, we'll promptly notify you via email, so you can address it right away. Enjoy the benefits of cost-effective ACH payments while keeping your operations flowing seamlessly with Dubsado Payments.

Stripe + Dubsado working together

We're thrilled about our enhanced Stripe integration, which brings key benefits to Dubsado users. Now, important notifications from your Dubsado Payments Stripe account will be conveniently displayed within Dubsado. With timely alerts, you can stay informed and take prompt action.

Connect to Dubsado Payments

If you are an existing Stripe user, Dubsado Payments powered by Stripe is slowly rolling out you. Keep an eye on your email for updates. Please chat in with any questions!

If you are new to Stripe or connected to another payment processor in Dubsado, head to settings >> payments and invoices and click "Get started".


What is next for Dubsado Payments?

We are so excited for future plans we have for Dubsado Payments. Somethings that are in the works right now:

  • Surcharging - Coming in May... We're always looking for ways to help you make more money in your business and soon we will be introducing surcharging; adding a fee to your invoices to help cover credit card processing fees. This means you could potentially see a credit card processing fee close to $0 per transaction (We recognize that not everyone prefers to charge extra fees to their clients, and in some areas, it's not allowed. That's why this feature is completely optional. If you choose not to use it, simply keep it disabled in your account.)
    For those in states and countries where charging extra fees to clients isn't permitted, this feature will automatically be disabled to comply with local regulations. Rest assured, we're working with a top-tier compliance agency to ensure we adhere to all relevant laws and guidelines.
  • Google Pay + ApplePay
  • Automatic branded receipts emailed to your clients after they pay
  • Buy now, pay later options
  • In-person payment terminals
  • Additional bank-to-bank processing for other countries
  • And more...

That's all for now! We cannot wait to share more exciting updates in the near future.


Important Update: Changes to Project-Level Payment Override Settings

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Shared by Becca • April 16, 2024

As we continue to enhance Dubsado's payment features through our partnership with Stripe, we've introduced Dubsado Payments—a white label solution designed to streamline your payment process directly within Dubsado. This innovation offers a broader range of payment tools and options, ensuring a seamless financial transaction experience for both you and your clients. Read more here about the launch of Dubsado Payments and the suite of new tools it brings to Dubsado.

What's changing?

In our commitment to providing a robust and compliant payment ecosystem, we are adjusting how payment options can be managed on a project-by-project basis. With the upcoming release of our surcharging feature in May, the ability to override payment options at the project level will be discontinued (more info on surcharging below). This change is already in effect for those using Dubsado Payments. However, starting in May, with the launch of surcharging, this discontinuation will be applied to all users, regardless of their payment provider.

Previously, users could customize the payment methods (e.g., credit cards, ACH) available for each project. This functionality was primarily used to manage transaction fees, such as preferring ACH for larger invoices to benefit from lower fees.

Why this change?

Our analysis and user feedback have shown that the main motivation behind the use of payment overrides was to navigate around fees. To address this directly and more effectively, we are introducing a surcharging option. Surcharging automatically applies a fee when your client pays with a credit card to help offset the processing costs. (Once launched, this will be an optional feature. You can choose to have this on or off in your account.) This method not only adheres to compliance standards but also simplifies your financial management—making it a "set it and forget it" feature, as opposed to the manual effort required previously. Surcharging will be exclusively available on Dubsado Payments.

What does this mean for you?

If you're using the project level payment override option now to offset high processing fees, wait to switch to Dubsado Payments until surcharging is launched. If you're not using project level payment override, you can switch to Dubsado Payments whenever you'd like! (Keep in mind, all new features related to payments will only be built out exclusively for Dubsado Payments... and we got some exciting things coming!)

Surcharging as a solution: The launch of surcharging in May is designed to meet your needs more efficiently than the project-level payment override feature. It offers a straightforward way to manage transaction costs transparently and automatically.

Continued customization at the brand level: It's important to note that this change affects only project-level settings. You will still have the flexibility to define your preferred payment options at the brand level, ensuring you can align payment methods with your business strategy.

Transition support: We understand changes like these can be significant. Our team is here to support you through this transition, ensuring you're equipped to make the most of the new surcharging feature and other Dubsado Payments benefits.

Looking forward

This update paves the way for more integrated, efficient, and compliant financial operations within Dubsado. We're excited about the enhancements Dubsado Payments brings to your business and are committed to supporting you every step of the way.

For any questions or additional support, please reach out to our customer care team using the chat bubble or emailing us:

New feature
Available on all plans

Allow clients to repay after issuing a refund

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Shared by Becca • September 19, 2023

If you’ve ever had a situation where you refunded a client but would have liked them to repay those funds again later, this new feature is for you!

We’ve added a new option to allow your client to pay the invoice again after you log a refund. Essentially, you can decide whether or not you want to add that refunded amount back to the remaining invoice balance!

When this might come in handy

We wanted to improve how Dubsado handles refunds. Below are some situations where you can use this feature:

  • Switching payment methods: If your client initially paid via a method that later had issues (e.g., failed bank transaction), this feature allows your clients to quickly repay using a different method without creating a new invoice.
  • Project scope changes: In cases where a refund is issued due to changes in project scope, and then later the client decides to revert to the original plan, the invoice can be conveniently reopened for payment.
  • Correcting overpayments or mistakes: If an overpayment is made or a payment is rendered void due to a mistake, you can refund and allow the client to repay the correct amount seamlessly.

What’s new?

Add the refund amount back to the remaining invoice balance

Before, logging a refund did not change the remaining balance on an invoice. Now, you can decide whether to reopen that invoice balance so that your client can make the same payment again.

When applying a refund, turn on the option for Allow client to repay. This will change the remaining balance on the invoice after the refund is applied.

For example, let’s say your client paid you $100.00. You then realize you need to refund this amount back to the client, but you do plan on collecting it again later in the future. When you issue the refund in Dubsado, turn on the option for Allow client to repay. The remaining invoice balance will go back up by $100.00 so that your client can make this payment again at a later time.

If you are refunding your client and don’t want them to repay that amount, you can leave this option off and the invoice balance will not reopen. For more information, please check out our help article on allowing clients to repay!

Real-time updates to payment plan statuses

When you refund a client with Allow client to repay turned on, payment plan installment statuses adjust automatically depending on whether or not you set a due date! Your payment plan may change to say Overdue if the due date has passed, or it will say Unpaid if you don’t have a due date or if the due date is in the future. See our help article on allowing clients to repay for more information.

Improved calculations for financial goals

If you set a financial goal on your dashboard, any canceled transactions will no longer be included in this calculation, ensuring that you get the most accurate numbers possible!

Get started

For more information, check out the following help articles:

Additional support

Have questions or need help? Send us a chat message!

Bug Fix

Bug fixes Sep 15, 2023

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Shared by Charis • September 15, 2023

🎉 What’s new

Started early-phase testing on our mobile app. We’ve built the first version of our mobile app for a few dozen certified specialists to test out. We look forward to seeing how testing goes so we can later provide the mobile app to everyone!

📍 Roadmap

Watch for new features and submit feedback. We’re happy to share the awesome features we have planned on our roadmap portal! Small disclaimers: Our portal doesn’t cover everything we’re working on, details are subject to change, and features aren’t listed in any specific order.

🩹 Bug fixes

When editing a form template, sometimes the font colors weren’t displaying the correct color. We’ve updated this and now your font color will appear as you selected.

Setting a currency symbol override in Settings > International settings prevented you from editing a package in a form. Now, setting any currency you’d like will cause no issues in forms.

If you’re on a Starter plan, duplicating an active lead capture form will no longer activate the new copy.

Editing a package in a form caused issues with package smart fields. This is no longer an issue and editing a package will also update package smart fields.

If the scheduler was loading on slower internet, clients saw a message that there were no available time slots. This is fixed, so now a loading spinner will display instead.

Previously, the autopay failed email was only sent if the default template had been edited. Now, these will always be sent for payment plans.

The buttons on a signature field in a form template weren’t updating if you switched whether the signature was for you or your client. We’ve fixed this, so now you can visually see the changes.

We fixed an issue when editing a package element in a form where bullet points weren’t formatted correctly.

Bug Fix

Bug fixes Aug 18, 2023

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Shared by Charis • August 18, 2023

🎉 What’s new

We’ve added back the ability to edit the submit button text on questionnaires so it can be customized to you. To do this, you can go to Templates >> Forms and click on Form styling in a questionnaire.

You can now add images and hyperlinks to both Invoice terms (in the settings page) and to payment reminders as well.

📍 Roadmap

Watch for new features and submit feedback. We’re happy to share the awesome features we have planned on our roadmap portal! Small disclaimers: Our portal doesn’t cover everything we’re working on, details are subject to change, and features aren’t listed in any specific order.

🩹 Bug fixes

In some cases, the package total at the bottom of a proposal wasn’t displaying correctly, even though the invoice was correct. We fixed this so now the display accurately reflects the total.

Previously, if you pre-selected a package in a proposal, the pre-selected button wouldn’t show on the form. Now, everyone will be able to push all your buttons.

If your form had a short answer element with field mapping, the form wasn’t able to be submitted. We addressed this, so your forms can all be submitted as expected.

Changing the project status in a form wasn’t visually updating on the form settings page, even though the change still happened behind the scenes. This is now fixed, so a changed project status will show correctly.

There was a bug where a questionnaire couldn’t be edited after your client submitted it. This is fixed, so your clients can edit questionnaires after submission.

Before, banners that we placed at the top of Dubsado would sometimes cover the top of the form builder. Now, you’ll still see our important banners and the form builder in its entirety.

We had issues where forms on mobile devices had overflow text, images were being resized, or margins and padding were too large. We addressed these issues so now forms should appear nicely on mobile.

There was an issue where package elements weren’t editable on mobile devices, but this is no longer the case.

New packages created using the package element in a form didn’t save to your templates. This is no longer an issue and created packages will show in your templates.

We fixed an issue where you couldn’t choose a workflow from the workflow element on a form. Now, you can select any workflow.

Bug Fix

Bug fixes Jun 23, 2023

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Shared by Charis • June 23, 2023

🎉 What’s new

Redesigned signup and login page. You probably already noticed a difference when logging in. In addition to a redesign, we added single sign on (SSO) to make your life just a little easier. Read more about SSO.

📍 Roadmap

Watch for new features and submit feedback. We’re happy to share the awesome features we have planned on our roadmap portal! Small disclaimers: Our portal doesn’t cover everything we’re working on, details are subject to change, and features aren’t listed in any specific order.

🩹 Bug fixes

Log out of Dubsado. We fixed the issue where the logout button wasn’t showing if you had a large number of brands.

No save point needed. Duplicating an installment in a payment plan wouldn’t let you save the payment plan. We fixed this, so now payment plans can be saved.

Look at all those clients. If you had a large client list, Projects >> New Project wouldn’t load all your clients. Now, your entire client list will load correctly when creating a new project.

Where do I pay? With Stripe, duplicate payment buttons were appearing on the invoices. This is fixed, so now you’ll only see one set of pay now buttons.

No more mismatched appointments. Sometimes, the “add to calendar” link on an email showed a different appointment time. We fixed this, so adding an appointment to your calendar will always show the correct time.

Resolved Groundhog Day emails. Reminder emails on an invoice’s payment plan defaulted to today’s date. This is no longer the case, so reminder emails will send on the correct date that you choose.

Edit payment plans again. Editing the payment plan used with “after invoice installment paid” in a workflow would remove the payment plan from the workflow. We fixed this, so workflows will either continue normally or you’ll get a warning message.

Fixed duplicate accounts. When logging in with SSO, Google emails with capital letters were creating a duplicate Dubsado account. We fixed this, so SSO is no longer case-sensitive.

Product update

New redesigned login. Same familiar Dubsado.

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Shared by Charis • June 06, 2023

First impressions matter.

That’s why we are excited to announce that we’ve redesigned our signup and login page for a more seamless and user-friendly experience. It's the Dubsado you know and trust, now with an upgraded experience!

What’s new?

We’ve made a few updates to Dubsado to enhance your experience:

  • Added single sign on (SSO) with Google.
  • Simplified affiliate tracking.
  • Faster sign-up.

Added single sign on (SSO) with Google

Single sign on (SSO) lets you log in with one set of credentials (like your Google account). That way, your account stays secure and reduces the number of passwords to remember.

With SSO, it takes just a click to log in and access your account! Plus, you can seamlessly switch login methods. Single sign on or email and password? Whichever method you prefer, Dubsado does both. Read our article for more information.

Simplified affiliate tracking

Being an affiliate means you can share Dubsado with others and make money from it! This is a great opportunity if you already love using Dubsado. With this update, the process is more user-friendly for your referrals.

In the past, a coupon code field was present on the signup page. This created user confusion with those signing up.

Moving forward, the coupon code field is no longer present during signup. Instead, we recommend sharing your affiliate link with your audience.

Clicking your affiliate link will automatically apply the affiliate benefits to your referral's trial account, so they don't need to input the code themselves when signing up. Users may still input the code when upgrading to a paid subscription.

Faster sign-up

New users to Dubsado will experience an upgraded sign-up flow that guides them in setting up a brand.

Why we developed it

Yes, we wanted our signup and login pages to look good. But more importantly, we wanted to increase your login options and improve the experience for new brands.

The redesign assists in helping us create features that suit your business and requires less energy from you to get started with Dubsado!

Get started

Read our help articles for more information:

Additional support

Have questions or need help? Send us a chat message!

Bug Fix

Bug Fixes May 19, 2023

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Shared by Charis • May 19, 2023

🎉 What’s new

Updated our CSV export. We updated the CSV export twice — admin multi-users can now use the customizable export and you can now export client custom-mapped fields.

📍 Roadmap

Watch for new features and submit feedback. We’re happy to share the awesome features we have planned on our roadmap portal! Small disclaimers: Our portal doesn’t cover everything we’re working on, details are subject to change, and features aren’t listed in any specific order.

🩹 Bug fixes

Remember to save your work. When exiting out of a form, a popup appeared to save changes even if you didn’t make any edits. This is no longer an issue, so the popup only shows if you’ve made an edit.

Fixed daylight savings. Timezones in Mexico were inconsistent due to no longer observing daylight savings. Now, daylight savings won’t be an issue in the future.

It’s my invoice, I’ll pay if I want to. Certain invoices on a proposal turned on autopay even with a disabled autopay setting. This is now fixed.

No more client mysteries. Free response fields on a lead capture form weren’t populating in the notification email. Now, so you’ll see client responses in your email.

Bug Fix

Bug Fixes Apr 21, 2023

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Shared by Charis • April 21, 2023

🎉 What’s new

Expanded CSV export. Effortlessly create a spreadsheet with your project and client information to build income reports, generate mailing addresses, or add emails to an email marketing platform! See our help article for more information.

📍 Roadmap

Watch for new features and submit feedback. We’re happy to share the awesome features we have planned on our roadmap portal! Small disclaimers: Our portal doesn’t cover everything we’re working on, details are subject to change, and features aren’t listed in any specific order.

🩹 Bug fixes

Solved the iPhone debate. Dubsado wasn’t loading from an iPhone 13 Pro or Mini on iOS 16.4. We’ve fixed this, so now Dubsado can be accessed on all phones.

View appointments at the right time. After a client booked an appointment, the Add event to your calendar link in the email confirmation page wasn’t showing the correct timezone. Now, the correct timezones will appear.

Increase minimums to the moon. Proposals with a minimum package quantity of two or more didn’t show an accurate quantity in the invoice. This is no longer an issue and quantities appear correctly.

Sign contracts at the right moment. For proposals with contracts, we found that you could sign the contract before submitting the proposal. We’ve addressed this so you must submit the proposal first.

No more static income categories. Editing an income category from the Reporting >> Transactions page wouldn’t save. This is fixed, so you can now recategorize as much as you want.

Schedule appointments even if the future is TBD. Some schedulers with invoices weren’t submitting correctly if a proposal with a TBD dated payment plan was included. Now, schedulers work regardless of what form or payment plan is attached.

Fixed mixed-up credit cards. Changing your payment information in Settings >> Billing didn’t update on the page itself. This is fixed, so updated cards appear correctly.

Available on all plans
Product update

Your clients. Your data. Export client information on your terms.

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Shared by Becca • April 18, 2023

Hi there,

You need more than the basics. That’s why we’ve updated how you export your data from Dubsado. 🎉

Now introducing: A more robust method to downloading project or client information into one CSV file.

Download client data in one click

Customize what you export

Pick and choose the information you want to collect. Invoices, custom-mapped fields, or project locations are all fair game.

Gather data quickly

Build reports, generate mailing addresses, or add emails to an email marketing platform — whatever reason you need data for, you can quickly download it to your laptop.

Why we developed it

We want to help you automate your business so you can concentrate on more important things. Manually transferring data out of Dubsado takes time and effort that we don’t want you to waste time doing it.

After all, the data already exists in Dubsado — you should have easy access to it!

Get started

Read our help article for more information on how to export a CSV file from your Dubsado account.

Additional support

Have questions or need help? Send us a chat message!