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Get paid easier with autopay enrollment settings

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Shared by Charis • January 09, 2023

You asked. We listened.

One of our most requested features is now live! Start using the new autopay enrollment settings today. 🙌

Customize autopay and say goodbye to chasing down client payments

Instead of leaving it up to your clients to enroll in autopay, you now have more freedom to decide what’s best for your business.

More control over how you get paid

You can require clients to enroll in autopay, let the choice be up to your client, or even completely remove the autopay option.

Reduce missed payments

Require clients to enroll in autopay so they get charged automatically.

Why we developed it

We wanted to give you more flexibility to decide how you want your clients to pay!

Previously, autopay relied on your clients choosing to enroll. This update gives you the ability to require clients to enroll in autopay, so their credit card gets charged automatically when a payment is due.

Alternatively, you may not want the autopay option to show up at all. You now have the choice of removing autopay entirely, so your client can’t enroll when you don’t want them to.

We can’t wait to see how the autopay feature impacts your business!

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Read our help articles for more information on autopay and how to set it up in your Dubsado account:

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