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Bug Fix

Bug Fixes Dec 23, 2022

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Shared by Charis • December 23, 2022

🎉 What’s new

  • We’re pushing back the date to switch to the new form builder. We don’t have a new deadline yet, but we will update you with plenty of time when we do!
  • If you’re currently using the old form builder, we still recommend using the new form builder to ensure access to our latest features. If you don’t have any custom code, your forms are not impacted — switching to the new form builder will not erase your current forms nor will you have to remake them. If your forms have custom code, click here for more information.
  • Updated error messages for basic users. Basic users will now see a “permission denied” error message if they try to edit or delete a task that is assigned to someone else.

đź“Ť Roadmap

  • Watch for new features and submit feedback on our Roadmap Portal. We’re happy to share the awesome features we have planned! Small disclaimers: Our portal doesn’t cover everything we’re working on, details are subject to change, and features aren’t listed in any specific order.

đź©ą Bug fixes

  • One email per client. Emails with capitalizations created multiple client entries. Now, new emails added through a lead capture form or scheduler are no longer case-sensitive and will be shown in all lowercase.
  • No more missed appointments. If your client booked an appointment that wasn’t assigned to a project, the client portal wouldn’t show the appointment date and time. The client portal now always shows the appointment details.
  • Get filled-out contracts. If you required initials on a legacy contract that was attached to a non-legacy proposal, clients could submit the contract even without the initials. This is fixed, so legacy contracts work correctly with both legacy and non-legacy proposals.
  • Freely delete files. Clients couldn’t delete files uploaded to a form before submission. Now, your clients can delete files before they submit the form.
  • View reports correctly. Negative invoices caused errors in the Transactions, Chart of Accounts, and Reports sections under the Reporting tab. Negative invoices will no longer cause data errors.
  • Have a flexible schedule. The “reschedule” link in an email wouldn’t show any availability. Rescheduling now shows your availability correctly.
  • Keep invoice items organized. Categorized invoice line items showed up as “uncategorized” when viewed in the package element in the form builder. Categories will show correctly moving forward.
  • Fixed questionable payment plan statuses. Payment plans on an invoice occasionally showed “(TBD)” instead of “unpaid”. This is fixed and invoices should show the correct status.
  • Tasks are no longer in hiding. Basic users couldn’t see files uploaded to a task if the task was assigned to another user. Now, basic users can see all tasks and task attachments, even if assigned to someone else.
  • Greet clients by name. Adding a form to a client’s profile in Utilities >> Address Book wouldn’t populate smart field information on the form. All smart fields now show up as planned.
  • No more disappearing acts. Adding a payment plan to a recurring invoice with a due date of “relative” and a trigger of “after contract signed by client” caused the payment plan to disappear. This is no longer an issue.
  • Know how much you’re paid. If you attached a proposal with an invoice to a scheduler, the remaining balance on the invoice page sometimes incorrectly displayed $0. This is fixed, so the remainder will always show the correct amount.