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Bug Fix

Bug Fixes Dec 2, 2022

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Shared by Charis • December 02, 2022

🔔 Reminders

  • Switch to the new form builder to ensure access to all the latest features. The old form builder will no longer be accessible starting Feb 1, 2023. If your forms don’t have any custom code, your forms are not impacted in any way! Switching to the new form builder will not erase your current forms nor will you have to remake them. If your forms have custom code, check out our help center article for more information.

🎉 What’s new

  • Added a warning message to decrease workflow errors. Normally, changing the scheduler in the workflow action Send Appointment Scheduler requires also updating all workflow actions that use an appointment-based workflow trigger (after an appointment is scheduled, before an appointment start time, and after an appointment has ended). The warning message “Please select a scheduler to watch” now appears for each action that requires edits.
  • Adjusted how schedulers are shown in a workflow. Appointment-based workflow triggers will now only list schedulers previously used in the workflow, instead of all available schedulers. This is to reduce workflow errors on which scheduler to use.
  • Made forms easier to edit on tablets. Our new form builder now shows you the mobile view on screens that are 768px or less to accommodate tablets.

📍 Roadmap

  • Keep track of planned new features and submit feedback on our Roadmap Portal. We work hard to deliver the best product we can! It makes us happy to share all the awesome features coming up. Small disclaimer: Our portal doesn’t cover everything we’re working on, details and timing are subject to change, and features aren’t listed in any specific order.

🩹 Bug fixes

  • Preview proposals within projects again. You couldn’t toggle between a proposal, contract, and invoice on the business owner view without submitting it first. Now, you can view it freely after applying the form to a project.
  • Plan your schedule months in advance without worry. If you wanted the scheduler to start in the future with a “Fixed date range”, the scheduler didn’t automatically jump to the start date. The scheduler now shows the first available date within the date range.
  • No more broken-up PDFs. Downloading and printing forms as PDFs showed information cut off at the page breaks. You can fix this issue by turning Legacy mode off.
  • Applicable error messages only. The workflow error message “Please select a scheduler to watch” appeared even if you already selected a scheduler. This was only appearing if you chose a scheduler group to watch. Now, this error message won’t appear except when needed.
  • Your graphs are ready to go. The graph on the Reporting >> Project Breakdown page didn’t populate any data until you manually selected a filter. Now, the graph will automatically display data based on the “Year to date” filter.
  • No more flickering text boxes. Editing a text box within a form by clicking “Edit inline” caused the text box to flicker or resize itself. Now, the text box won’t move around as you edit.
  • Shout out the correct name on invoices. Normally, invoices show the client’s name, the company name, or both. We had an issue where invoices only showed the client’s name, even if you wanted to show the company name. This issue is repaired so you can now address your invoices correctly.
  • Countersign legacy contracts without issues. If you countersigned a legacy contract that was attached to a non-legacy proposal, our system misinterpreted your signature as the client's signature. This is fixed, so legacy contracts now work correctly with both legacy and non-legacy proposals.
  • No more scheduler buffering. If you deleted a scheduler template with buffer time, booked appointments from that scheduler prevented availability on other schedulers. You should now see the correct availability on your schedulers.
  • Fixed calendar jet lag from different time zones. If your timezone was set to Europe or London, some dates didn’t match the correct days on the scheduler calendar template. All dates and days are now accurate regardless of location.