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Bug Fixes Nov 11, 2022

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Shared by Charis • November 11, 2022

⏳ Switch to the new form builder by Jan 31, 2023

We are officially switching solely to the new form builder! That means the old form builder will no longer be accessible starting Feb 1, 2023.

If your forms don’t have any custom code, your forms are not impacted in any way! Switching to the new form builder will not erase your current forms nor will you have to remake them.

If your forms have custom code, check out our help center article for more information.

🎉 Updates

  • We changed our email limits for unverified accounts. To send as many emails as you like, verify your login email address and connect an email to Dubsado. Read our email integration help article for step-by-step instructions.

🩹 Bug fixes

  • Drag form elements to your heart’s content. We fixed the issue where touchscreen devices couldn’t drag and drop within the form builder when a mouse was connected. Now you can use either a touchscreen or mouse at the same time.
  • View mapped fields every time. Mapped short answer fields populated correctly in the contract, but didn’t populate in the contract if viewed after a client submitted the proposal. The mapped fields now populate in both circumstances.
  • See the correct button colors for your brand. Button colors didn’t update when switching between brands.
  • No more time zone mismatch in the client portal. Within the client portal, client appointment times showed in the wrong time zone. The client portal now displays the appointment time in the correct time zone.
  • Client eagerness no longer creates duplicate projects. Lead capture forms with a redirect URL created multiple projects if a client repeatedly clicked the “submit” button before the redirect URL loaded. Clicking the submit button multiple times no longer creates multiple projects.
  • Redirect your clients again. The redirect URL didn’t load after clients submitted a proposal even after removing both the contract and invoice from the proposal. Now, your redirect page appears as expected for your clients.
  • Change client emails without affecting future emails. If you updated a client’s email address, any emails scheduled to send at a later date (either manually or within a workflow) went to the old email address and not the new one. We fixed this so now any scheduled emails will send to the new email address.