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April - June Bug Fixes

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Shared by Becca • October 14, 2022

Originally posted: July 8th, 2022


  • Updates were made to our Yahoo connection. Yahoo is now requiring users to use an “app” password instead of their usual email password when trying to connect through SMTP. Steps can be found below on how to do that and we’ll be updating our help article shortly. Steps to connect a Yahoo email via SMTP with an app password: In your Yahoo email inbox, click on your account name at the top right of the page. Select “Account Info” Navigate to the “Account Security” tab Scroll down til you see “Other ways to sign in” Select “Generate app password” Enter in a name for the app you want to connect Select “Generate Password” Copy and paste the generated password into the password field when signing in via SMTP through Dubsado’s email settings.


  • We had a bug where the scheduler sent via email was not logged in the emails tab of the project. We’ve updated it to now be stored in the associated project’s email tab.
  • In Dubsado’s general inbox, there was a bit of confusion when archiving/deleting emails because there wasn’t any visual confirmation that an email was removed. Because of this, we’ve added auto refresh functionality that occurs after a user deletes an email to show that the email has been removed.
  • Any user with an errored calendar connection broke Cronofy connection for other users. Events didn't export as a result. Cronofy would stop sending events to all working calendars if one calendar failed to send. So if a multi-user calendar got disconnected, other users’ calendars would also stop exporting events. This bug fix prevents the disconnected calendar from interfering with the other calendars in the brand that are still working.
  • Error when trying to send a form from the address book. An error was being thrown when attempting to send a form from the address book. You should no longer encounter this error when sending a form.
  • We had a bug where the brand owner seeing different form statuses than multi-users. It should now show the same form status for all users in a brand.
  • The checkbox selection on the reporting>>invoices was not working correctly. With this fix, the top left selection will select all invoices on the current page. It can then be clicked again on the following page to combine the selection of both pages and so on. The top left selection is not intended to select ALL the invoices in the brand.
  • We sped up loading times while signing contract as client. The submit button on a contract used to take a while to load because it would wait for the “contract completed” email to be delivered. Now, the signature will happen right away and the client should see the success message immediately after submitting.
  • We had a bug where the send Reminder button on Dashboard Calendar opened an empty email window. Using the Send Reminder email link found on either the Overview or Weekly Calendar view should now populate the correct information that is associated with that event’s invoice and payment plan.
  • Before, appointments were disappearing on Calendar before “attempting” to cancel through the calendar. When attempting to cancel an appointment through the calendar, the appointment disappears off the calendar before clicking “Submit” on the cancellation modal. Now, the appointment will remain on the calendar going forward.
  • When pressing COMMAND and clicking on a project in Safari it opened the project in 2 tabs instead of 1. We've updated it to only open 1 tab.
  • Users were able to drag and drop project statuses even with projects assigned to them. This resulted in projects showing up under the incorrect status. Our update disables that functionality and keeps statuses separate between the lead and job categories.
  • Tag color options were different when viewing them from the Projects >> Customize page and from within a project itself. We’ve updated it to now display the same set of tag colors for both views.