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Month of December Bug Fixes

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Shared by Becca • October 14, 2022

Originally posted: December 23rd, 2021


  • Updated Reporting >> Invoices to be read-only. It was always intended to be this way, it is. 😎
  • You can now put smart fields into the header and footer of the invoice terms. You can head to Settings >> Receive Money >> Invoice Options >> Edit Terms.
  • Now if a client is logged into their portal and you send them a private form, clicking on the form link will automatically take them to that form. Much smoother process. ⛸️⛸️
  • Xero users: Now if you apply a payment that is more than the total of your invoice and try to sync it, the error status in Dubsado will display a message saying, “Payment amount exceeds the amount outstanding on this document”.
  • You can now only attach files to emails and questionnaires up to 8mb. 📎


  • Fixed an issue where the table borders were not properly displaying on a package element. 📦
  • Fixed an issue where downloading an invoice as a PDF would remove the notes, invoice terms, and client information. Yeah...that wasn’t supposed to happen. Now everything will be included in the PDF. ✅
  • Fixed an issue where the countersignature button on a contract was lingering even after it had been signed. Begone, button! 💥
  • Fixed an issue where the view for your tasks would show the ‘Incomplete’ category after deleting a task, even if you were viewing the ‘Completed’ or ‘All’ categories.
  • Now hovering over the “Error” status on an invoice found in Reporting >> Invoices will show you the cause of the error. ⚠️
  • Fixed an issue with the scheduler where, after selecting a date for an appointment, clicking the back arrow would not allow you to change the date. Now you’ll be able to go back select a new date as desired. 📆
  • Fixed an issue with Reporting >> Invoices where a remainder would appear on any invoice with tax and a discount applied. Now all past affected invoices and all future invoices will display properly.
  • Now hyperlinks contained in package elements will open in a new tab.
  • Now when a scheduler is created within a project and a form is attached, that form will be linked to the project rather than the client’s profile. *This only affects projects moving forward, not past projects.
  • Fixed a rare issue where some payment plans were not applying to to recurring invoices.
  • Now when you apply a proposal to a project with a primary invoice that’s been paid, the invoice progress bar will adjust to account for any new unpaid line items.
  • Fixed an issue where clients could no longer access their invoices via their client portals. This was an issue with the autopay update and has been addressed.
  • Fixed an issue where client portals were reading Lisbon, Portugal as Central European Time (CET), when it should be Western European Time (WET). It now correctly shows WET.
  • Fixed an issue where the refund tab on an invoice would not open if the scheduler containing the invoice was created inside the project.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Discount Type” dropdown wasn’t opening after clicking the down arrow.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Apply Discount” section was still appearing on recurring invoices even though discounts cannot be applied to recurring invoices. Sorry for the confusion!
  • Fixed an issue where a scheduler with a non-public proposal and a deposit attached would not have a client connected to the deposit transaction. Now a client will be properly assigned to that transaction.
  • Fixed an issue where QBO tax codes were not importing over a certain amount. We increased the amount to 200.
  • Fixed an issue where a late workflow action would show as if the action was marked, but the checkmark disappeared after a few seconds. Now you will see an error message reading, “Too late to send”.
  • Fixed an issue where the date and IP was not showing up on contracts and sub-agreements.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the gratuity option was not showing up on some invoices. It was just being shy. ☺️
  • Fixed an issue where invoices were automatically syncing to QBO even if automatic syncing was turned off.