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Month of November Bug Fixes

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Shared by Becca • October 14, 2022

Originally posted: December 14th, 2021


  • Removed text that said "No schedule found" for a relevant smart field when a payment plan was missing.
  • Now the "Email from name" brand setting has been updated yo "Send email as". If you have a Microsoft email connected, this setting will default to the name set within your Microsoft account.
  • Updates have been made to the backend services pulling in calendar events from Cronofy. In English: It will be more reliable now. 💪


  • Fixed an issue where the "Apply to Invoice" button was not...well, doing that. You had one job, button.
  • If a deactivated brand has a multi-user, they will no longer receive notification emails for any actions within that brand.
  • Fixed an issue where a multi-user on Safari would see misaligned text when hovering over a cancelled brand on the brand list page. It was Safari's fault. 🤷
  • Fixed an issue where the payment reminder preview was not displaying on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue where payment reminders could be edited after they were already triggered. Time paradoxes are dangerous business, folks. ⏳
  • Multi-users in a deactivated brand will now be directed to the brand list page.
  • If your subscription payment fails, the billing card under your subscriptions will now let you know that the last payment failed.
  • Now all free additional brands created for an alternate currency will be labeled "Additional Currency Brand".
  • Fixed an issue where a user's billing would fail, then they would cancel the subscription, but Stripe would attempt to retry the payment. Now the subscription will be properly canceled.
  • Fixed a rare issue where if a client added a percentage-based tip, it would successfully process on Stripe but not appear on the invoice in Dubsado. 🤑
  • Fixed a rare issue where some users reported not seeing a "To" section on the invoice. Spooky stuff.
  • Images in email signatures will now be correctly formatted. 🖼️
  • Fixed an issue where invoices with percentage-based installments were not showing the calculated amount due when viewing the invoice under Reporting>>Invoices.
  • Fixed an issue where public forms under brands