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Bug Fix

September Bug Fixes & Other Updates

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Shared by Becca • October 14, 2022

Originally posted: October 1st, 2021


  • ✨Redirect URL update✨
  • ✨Redirect URL update: The Sequel✨
  • Now when you bulk delete/archive emails from your inbox, you'll no longer be stopped for an extra confirmation. You'll still see a message pop up in the corner, but it won't get in the way of your relentless email cleansing. More power to you. 💪
  • Now when clients are logged into their client portals, they'll be able to access any private form link without having to re-enter the password, even if the link is found outside of the portal. If they are not logged into the portal and the portal is not password protected, they will not be able to access those private form links. 🔐
  • ✨New smart field✨
  • "Task boards" are now consistently named throughout the platform. 🤓
  • You can now click on the "Open Invoices" widget on your dashboard to see all of your unpaid, in progress, and overdue invoices. 💰


  • Fixed a rare issue where styling/code from an email was breaking the inbox when the email was viewed. Now the inbox view will look the way it should no matter what. 🖼️
  • Fixed an issue where multiple appointments could be booked for the same time. That's still an option, but...this was a bug. 🐛
  • Fixed an issue where clients were able to log into their portals via a public portal login screen by entering their email address twice. 🔒
  • Fixed an issue where the hyperlinked fields in a project's side menu were cutting off the URL. Now the entire field will be shown in all its glory. 🌅
  • Fixed an issue where numbers were not properly displaying in the previews for mapping fields during a bulk client upload using a CSV file. That sentence was a marathon. Well done. 🏃🥇
  • Fixed an issue where discounts were not properly being calculated in your chart of accounts. 🧮
  • Fixed a rare issue where some fully-paid invoices were still marked as "In Progress".
  • Fixed an issue where TBD due dates on payment plans would show the project date. Rest assured—this was only a visual bug. It has been squashed. 🥾
  • Fixed an issue where payment plan templates could not be created within proposals or the "add invoice" workflow action. It's good to go and error-free now. 😊