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Payment Plan Updates

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Shared by Becca • October 14, 2022

Originally posted: September 16th, 2021

We are so excited to share some big updates to our payment schedules feature with you today. In fact, the updates are so exciting that we gave payment schedules a brand new name: payment plans.

In addition to a brand new look, we've also added some of your most-requested features to payment plans, like installment amounts that auto divide equally, new due date options, and the ability to choose a send time for payment reminders.

NOTE: This is a rolling release and will be releasing to a certain percentage of users over a period of a few weeks. If you do not have this feature yet, check back every few days.

Redesigned payment plan templates page

You'll still find all your payment plan templates under Templates >> Payment Plans. The new design of this page gives you more information about each plan at a glance and lets you make edits quickly. Just click on any installment in a plan to expand its options and click on the installment again when you're done. Oh, and your changes will autosave as you go 🙌

We also added the ability to duplicate both individual installments and entire payment plans to help you speed things up.

Divide equally

Our new divide equally option automatically calculates the amount due based on the number of installments set to divide equally.

For example, if you have a payment plan with three installments, each set to divide equally, Dubsado will automatically divide the invoice total into three equal payments. No math required!

Click here to learn more about how divide equally interacts with percentage and fixed amounts.

More due dates

We added three new options for due dates:

  • TBD acts as a placeholder for you to manually set a due date after the payment plan has been applied to an invoice. It's the best option when payment is due before delivering something like a design or website launch and you don't know the exact date upfront. You'll be able to edit the installment on the client's invoice and set a specific due date once you're ready.
  • After project start
  • Before project end

Payment reminder upgrades

You now have the ability to choose the time for payment reminders to send 🎉

We also added a new default canned email to make setting up reminders quick and easy. You can edit this default email under Templates >> Canned Emails >> Edit Templates >> Payment Plan Reminder. And of course, you can still create and select your own custom canned emails to use as reminders.

Payment plan installment locking

And finally, we have an update to how payment plans behave when your client makes a payment. Now, each installment will lock on the invoice as it is paid in full.

This will prevent paid installment amounts from changing if you update the invoice or your client adds a gratuity. Locked installments cannot be edited, but don't worry, they can still be deleted.

We hope you enjoy these updates and find building your next payment plan faster and easier than before! Want to learn more? Check out these articles on payment plans in our help center.