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DKIM and SPF Records

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Shared by Becca • October 14, 2022

Originally posted: August 6th, 2021

For anyone with a custom domain email address connected to Dubsado via SMTP, we have an important update for you! We've added new tools to your email settings to make it easier to set up DKIM and SPF records with your domain host.

These records will help you improve the security of the emails you send through Dubsado. That means less emails going to your client's spam!

If you connected your email to Dubsado through Google or Microsoft, or you don't use a custom domain name for your email, you're all set! These updates do not impact your account.

To set up and verify your DKIM and SPF records, get started by heading to Settings >> Emails in your Dubsado account. We have an in-depth help article here to help you step by step.

What are DKIM and SPF records?

Internet spammers will sometimes send emails through a domain that does not belong to them in order to fool the recipient. DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) are security protocols that help authenticate outgoing emails.

Setting up DKIM and SPF records in your domain helps your email provider recognize emails that you send through Dubsado as legitimate. This in turn will help your clients' email providers verify that emails you sent through Dubsado should be allowed through.

These records can also help protect you against spammers abusing your domain for sending emails. All in all, it's a good thing to have set up if you're using an email with a custom domain!

DKIM and SPF work to authenticate emails in slightly different ways. We recommend setting up both for best results!