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Week of May 17th, 2021 Bug Fixes

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Shared by Becca • October 14, 2022

Originally posted: May 21st, 2021

Some new bug fixes made their way in this week. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We cannot wait to get back to creating more awesome things for you all on Monday!


  • Now when syncing an invoice that has a refund applied, instead of an error message, there will be a message that specifically says that the refunds cannot be brought into Quckbooks or Xero. 📚💰
  • Fixed an issue where reminder emails for contracts were not being sent properly. Now they're good to go ➡️➡️
  • Dubsado contracts saved as PDF's will now display the signature timestamp based on the user's time zone. 🌎
  • Fixed an issue where previewing a sub-agreement would show the current date on the user's countersignature instead of the date of the signing. Now the correct timestamp will be displayed.
  • Xero — discounts can be synced once again!
  • Xero — invoices with more than 7 line items can now be properly merged.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on an appointment would produce a pop-up with an inconsistent title. Now, regardless of where you select the appointment, the title will be "Edit Appointment". ✏️