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Allow clients to repay after issuing a refund

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Shared by Becca • September 19, 2023

If you’ve ever had a situation where you refunded a client but would have liked them to repay those funds again later, this new feature is for you!

We’ve added a new option to allow your client to pay the invoice again after you log a refund. Essentially, you can decide whether or not you want to add that refunded amount back to the remaining invoice balance!

When this might come in handy

We wanted to improve how Dubsado handles refunds. Below are some situations where you can use this feature:

  • Switching payment methods: If your client initially paid via a method that later had issues (e.g., failed bank transaction), this feature allows your clients to quickly repay using a different method without creating a new invoice.
  • Project scope changes: In cases where a refund is issued due to changes in project scope, and then later the client decides to revert to the original plan, the invoice can be conveniently reopened for payment.
  • Correcting overpayments or mistakes: If an overpayment is made or a payment is rendered void due to a mistake, you can refund and allow the client to repay the correct amount seamlessly.

What’s new?

Add the refund amount back to the remaining invoice balance

Before, logging a refund did not change the remaining balance on an invoice. Now, you can decide whether to reopen that invoice balance so that your client can make the same payment again.

When applying a refund, turn on the option for Allow client to repay. This will change the remaining balance on the invoice after the refund is applied.

For example, let’s say your client paid you $100.00. You then realize you need to refund this amount back to the client, but you do plan on collecting it again later in the future. When you issue the refund in Dubsado, turn on the option for Allow client to repay. The remaining invoice balance will go back up by $100.00 so that your client can make this payment again at a later time.

If you are refunding your client and don’t want them to repay that amount, you can leave this option off and the invoice balance will not reopen. For more information, please check out our help article on allowing clients to repay!

Real-time updates to payment plan statuses

When you refund a client with Allow client to repay turned on, payment plan installment statuses adjust automatically depending on whether or not you set a due date! Your payment plan may change to say Overdue if the due date has passed, or it will say Unpaid if you don’t have a due date or if the due date is in the future. See our help article on allowing clients to repay for more information.

Improved calculations for financial goals

If you set a financial goal on your dashboard, any canceled transactions will no longer be included in this calculation, ensuring that you get the most accurate numbers possible!

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