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Bug Fix

Bug fixes Sep 15, 2023

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Shared by Charis • September 15, 2023

🎉 What’s new

Started early-phase testing on our mobile app. We’ve built the first version of our mobile app for a few dozen certified specialists to test out. We look forward to seeing how testing goes so we can later provide the mobile app to everyone!

📍 Roadmap

Watch for new features and submit feedback. We’re happy to share the awesome features we have planned on our roadmap portal! Small disclaimers: Our portal doesn’t cover everything we’re working on, details are subject to change, and features aren’t listed in any specific order.

🩹 Bug fixes

When editing a form template, sometimes the font colors weren’t displaying the correct color. We’ve updated this and now your font color will appear as you selected.

Setting a currency symbol override in Settings > International settings prevented you from editing a package in a form. Now, setting any currency you’d like will cause no issues in forms.

If you’re on a Starter plan, duplicating an active lead capture form will no longer activate the new copy.

Editing a package in a form caused issues with package smart fields. This is no longer an issue and editing a package will also update package smart fields.

If the scheduler was loading on slower internet, clients saw a message that there were no available time slots. This is fixed, so now a loading spinner will display instead.

Previously, the autopay failed email was only sent if the default template had been edited. Now, these will always be sent for payment plans.

The buttons on a signature field in a form template weren’t updating if you switched whether the signature was for you or your client. We’ve fixed this, so now you can visually see the changes.

We fixed an issue when editing a package element in a form where bullet points weren’t formatted correctly.