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New redesigned login. Same familiar Dubsado.

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Shared by Charis • June 06, 2023

First impressions matter.

That’s why we are excited to announce that we’ve redesigned our signup and login page for a more seamless and user-friendly experience. It's the Dubsado you know and trust, now with an upgraded experience!

What’s new?

We’ve made a few updates to Dubsado to enhance your experience:

  • Added single sign on (SSO) with Google.
  • Simplified affiliate tracking.
  • Faster sign-up.

Added single sign on (SSO) with Google

Single sign on (SSO) lets you log in with one set of credentials (like your Google account). That way, your account stays secure and reduces the number of passwords to remember.

With SSO, it takes just a click to log in and access your account! Plus, you can seamlessly switch login methods. Single sign on or email and password? Whichever method you prefer, Dubsado does both. Read our article for more information.

Simplified affiliate tracking

Being an affiliate means you can share Dubsado with others and make money from it! This is a great opportunity if you already love using Dubsado. With this update, the process is more user-friendly for your referrals.

In the past, a coupon code field was present on the signup page. This created user confusion with those signing up.

Moving forward, the coupon code field is no longer present during signup. Instead, we recommend sharing your affiliate link with your audience.

Clicking your affiliate link will automatically apply the affiliate benefits to your referral's trial account, so they don't need to input the code themselves when signing up. Users may still input the code when upgrading to a paid subscription.

Faster sign-up

New users to Dubsado will experience an upgraded sign-up flow that guides them in setting up a brand.

Why we developed it

Yes, we wanted our signup and login pages to look good. But more importantly, we wanted to increase your login options and improve the experience for new brands.

The redesign assists in helping us create features that suit your business and requires less energy from you to get started with Dubsado!

Get started

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