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Bug Fix

Bug Fixes Apr 21, 2023

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Shared by Charis • April 21, 2023

🎉 What’s new

Expanded CSV export. Effortlessly create a spreadsheet with your project and client information to build income reports, generate mailing addresses, or add emails to an email marketing platform! See our help article for more information.

📍 Roadmap

Watch for new features and submit feedback. We’re happy to share the awesome features we have planned on our roadmap portal! Small disclaimers: Our portal doesn’t cover everything we’re working on, details are subject to change, and features aren’t listed in any specific order.

🩹 Bug fixes

Solved the iPhone debate. Dubsado wasn’t loading from an iPhone 13 Pro or Mini on iOS 16.4. We’ve fixed this, so now Dubsado can be accessed on all phones.

View appointments at the right time. After a client booked an appointment, the Add event to your calendar link in the email confirmation page wasn’t showing the correct timezone. Now, the correct timezones will appear.

Increase minimums to the moon. Proposals with a minimum package quantity of two or more didn’t show an accurate quantity in the invoice. This is no longer an issue and quantities appear correctly.

Sign contracts at the right moment. For proposals with contracts, we found that you could sign the contract before submitting the proposal. We’ve addressed this so you must submit the proposal first.

No more static income categories. Editing an income category from the Reporting >> Transactions page wouldn’t save. This is fixed, so you can now recategorize as much as you want.

Schedule appointments even if the future is TBD. Some schedulers with invoices weren’t submitting correctly if a proposal with a TBD dated payment plan was included. Now, schedulers work regardless of what form or payment plan is attached.

Fixed mixed-up credit cards. Changing your payment information in Settings >> Billing didn’t update on the page itself. This is fixed, so updated cards appear correctly.