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Bug Fix

Bug Fixes Mar 3, 2023

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Shared by Charis • March 03, 2023

🎉 What’s new

None for now, but we’re always developing new ideas behind the scenes. 🤫

📍 Roadmap

Watch for new features and submit feedback. We’re happy to share the awesome features we have planned on our roadmap portal! Small disclaimers: Our portal doesn’t cover everything we’re working on, details are subject to change, and features aren’t listed in any specific order.

🩹 Bug fixes

Fixed repeat logins. Previously, clients who clicked “back to portal” went back to the portal login page even if they were logged in. Now, they’ll go to their portal home screen. Clients who aren’t logged in will still go to the login page.

Affiliate code freedom. Some of you couldn’t update your affiliate code. We fixed this so everyone can update their code.

Go on perfect dates. The date format always showed as MMDDYY regardless of your location. Now, the date format adjusts depending on your location settings.

No need to scroll. Some invoices had an unnecessary scroll bar on the Pay Now button. The scroll bar is now removed.

Stopped anonymous tasks. If you assigned a user a task, the user’s name wouldn’t display in the Assignee field. This is fixed so that the assigned user's name is always displayed.

Accurate time zones. Project and appointment dates weren’t displaying the timezone based on your setting in Settings >> International settings. This is no longer an issue — dates will match your timezone setting again.